Subscribe to Events

Want to stay right up to date with the latest events from the club?

Our upcoming events are available in iCal format. That means that if you have the right equipment (and possibly a little bit of technical knowledge), you can subscribe to our upcoming events and have them listed in the calendar on your phone, tablet or computer. Better still, the events will be synchronised automatically, so whenever a new event is added or an existing event is updated, it will appear like magic in your calendar!

All events

To add all events to your calendar, including training, socials and races that have been added by members of the club, use this iCal link:

Subscribe to All Events

Championships only

If you prefer your calendar to be a little less busy, you can instead subscribe to only our club championship races, using this iCal link:

Subscribe to Club Championships Only

I'm not a geek - help me!

If you're on an iPhone, iPad or Apple Mac computer, you should just be able click on either of the links above and you will be prompted to subscribe to the calendar.

If you are using other devices (such as an Android phone or tablet or a Windows computer), subscribing to the calendars may be a bit more involved. Google is your friend here! Search for how to subscribe to iCal calendars for your device or software, e.g.:

It will probably involve copying one of the links above and then pasting it somewhere.