Pay for membership

If you have submitted a completed membership application form, you can pay for your membership using one of the buttons below.

All membership packages cover the period until 30th April 2019, after which you must renew your membership.

First claim membership

First claim membership for the full membership year is normally £28; however, because there are now only a few months left in the membership year, we have reduced the cost to £17. This includes:

  • Affiliation to England Athletics
  • Affiliation to Northern Athletics
  • Membership of the Manchester YMCA Harriers

Of the £28 fee, £15 is paid to England Athletics, £2 is paid to Northern Athletics and £11 is retained by the Club to fund its activities.

Second claim membership

Second-claim membership is £11 for the year. It includes membership of the Manchester YMCA Harriers only.

The entire second-claim membership fee is retained by the Club to fund its activities.

NB: Second-claim membership is only available to those who are already affiliated to UK Athletics through the membership of another running club.

Thank you for becoming a member of the Manchester YMCA Harriers!