MACCL Boggart Hole Clough Race 2 Information

Course map

Course map for Manchester Area Cross Country League Boggart Hole Clough fixture

Out of bounds area

Please note that the tent will not be in the normal place this year - this area is out of bounds! The tents will be on the football pitches at the east side of the park.

No vehicle access to the park

Due to another event in Boggart Hole Clough, there is no vehicle access into the park this year. If you're driving, please park your car with consideration for local residents on the streets near the park. See below for more information on where to park.

Bring your own brush

An Armistice Day service is being held in the park the following day and the race organisers would like your help to get the park back to normal once we've finished running. If you can spare some time after the run, please bring a sturdy brush along with you and help sweep the paths in the park after the run.

Race details

The women's race starts at 1:30pm and is two large laps (ABDEFGHIJ -> BDEFGHIJ -> Finish).

The men's race starts at 2:30pm and is one medium lap followed by two large laps (ABDEJ -> BDEFGHIJ -> BDEFGHIJ -> Finish).

Race numbers

If you ran at Heaton Park, remember to bring your race number along with you! Otherwise, you can collect you race number from a member of the committee before the race.

Remember to keep your race number safe - you will need the same number for all Manchester Area League events this winter!

No entries on the day

The Manchester Area League are no longer accepting entries on the day of the event - if you haven't signed up for our cross country championships this year but want to take part, please get in touch!


By car

There is no vehicle access into the park this year! On street parking is available near the park; postcodes M9 7AL and M9 7DG are probably your best bet, but if you don't mind a longer walk, M9 4EU and M40 9PN will also get you nearby.

Parking map for Boggart Hole Clough

By bus

The bus stop nearest the start/finish area is served by the 88 and 118 buses.

Coming from Manchester, these buses depart from Stop B on Oldham Street near Piccadilly Gardens.

Going back to Manchester, the best stop is slightly up Charlestown Road (some 118 services go around the houses if you get on the stop before!).

Also note that the 88 is run by First, while the 118 is run by Stagecoach - if you want a choice of either bus on the way home, a System One Daysaver ticket is your best and cheapest option.

More information

More information for the race is available from the Manchester Area Cross Country League website.

It is also worth following the Manchester Area Cross Country League on Twitter.